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5 Things Girls do on Facebook that Guys HATE.

1. Be all up in their Business.

Snooping through a guys Facebook page for dirt is so lame, especially if you go around questioning past history via wall to wall.

2. The Photo Album Titled: ME

Constantly posting pics of yourself that you are clearly sitting around and taking on your free time makes guys think you are either way too into yourself or  just desperately seeking attention.

3.  Write Something…. Men Suck. They All do.

Posting the ever popular yet annoying anti-male status update makes you look immature and most guys find it to be a major turn off.

4.  Facebook Addicts Anonymous

Men like mystery, you have to keep them guessing not fully informed on your whereabouts and entire life story via Facebook.

5.  Relationship Status: It’s Complicated.

Harrassing your new guy to change his relationship status on Facebook is mega annoying. It might be a red flag for you if he is hesitant to do so, but I personally believe you should be dating for at least 6 months before anything goes public on Facebook.  Save yourself the embarrassment if the relationship is a flop after only 2.5 months.


P.s Facebook Me


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