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Dear Dreadful Monday, You don’t faze me.


1. Get the F*ck Up… on time.

Start your day off on the right foot, but don’t make it a sprint. When you wake up late and rush  around like a crazy person it only leads to higher stress levels.

2. Stop fronting on breakfast.

It is said that people who eat breakfast tend to weigh less than those who skip out. It is also important to jump-start your metabolism early in the day as well as feed your brain if you want it to perform for you.

3. Look the Part.

nice outfit + personal appearance= good mood all day. Guaranteed.

4. Smile your ass off.

Smiling can trick the body into helping you change your mood. So start trickin’.

5. Don’t go to sleep upset.

Sleeping will not erase your problems so handle them before going to bed at night if you can. It will help you to not only wake up in a better mood, but also keep your mental health is shape.

Let’s have a great week!

P.s How gorgeous is the photo of Puerto Rico??!



  1. lol delete my first comment . . . edited for more chupchup effect

  2. haha you need to do YouTube videos “Get the fuck up!” You’d be so motivational for me 🙂

    Going to bed angry is so awful because I have AWFUL nightmares that make me wake up in sweaty panic :/ And yes, as much as a pain it is, getting up those 5 minutes to wake yourself up really help!

  3. I agree completely with #3 and not just for Mondays. I’ve noticed lately (after I got out my Finals Funk) that wearing jeans and a tshirt makes me lazier. It’s super comfy but if you’re gonna get things done, you gotta dress like you’re getting things done or your brain goes into squishy-mode. XP

    And for #4 I recommend a Joke-A-Day app or the Text From Last Night app for your phone. Feeling blue in the middle of the day? Sneak a peak at your phone and have a good laugh. XD

  4. The thing about breakfast is so true.It’s very important to properly start your day :)I also have to smile more often 😛

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