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3 Hair Trends I am Dying To Try (pun intended)

1. Dip Dye Hair Color

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad  posted this photo on her beauty blog, TheBeautyDepartment this week. It looks like Lauren did a dip dye/tie dye effect with pink, purple, and blue hair color.

Picture 2

Afraid of commitment? Try these clip in color strip  hair extensions made of real human hair for only $8 each at extensions.com.

2. Ombre Hair

Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast

I first saw this trend on blogger Rumi Neely and now tons of  celebrities have been doing the same for the past year.

Ombre hair is achieved by having a darker color at the root and then gradually getting lighter at the tips or you can just stop getting touch ups on your dye job like I’ve been doing haha.

3. Feather Hair

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Feathers are a HUGE trend this summer in accessories and if you didn’t know this then please go take your ass to a retail store stat, thanks!

Feathers in your hair are definitely something fun to try. You can do extensions like Jennifer Love (above) or purchase feather hair snap clips (below) that you can easily clip on and take off to jazz up your locks.

Feather Hair Snap Clips

SHOP Feather Hair Extensions HERE, HERE & HERE 

What hair trends are you rockin’ right now?!

*images are not my own, please click photos for credits*


  1. Maybe you should do a mix of the dip-dye and the feather. You don’t have to go SO crazy but keep it fun XD

    I tried doing the ombre hair with pink and purple recently. It washed out before I could get a good pick though 😦

    • I am scared color like that wont take with my hair. I have the worst luck with dying my hair.

      Ty for commenting love!!

  2. Nina says

    I am obsessed with the dip dye look. Wish I could do that. U def need to try it!!

  3. I love the dip dye look! It’s going to look great on you. I say do it. Do it. And do it. Did I mention you should do it?

    I’m also loving the ombre look as well. Rumi rocks the hell out of it.


  4. Love ya boo but I don’t want to try any of these haha but to each their own :p Would love to see the feathers in your hair!

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