B.A.D. Girl, BAD Girl Swag
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Jeffrey Campbell released his Fall 2011 Look book and I think it is deliciously dope! Jeffrey Campbell never fails to amaze me with the creative concepts for his shoes.  How he does it, I do not know, but I fucking love it!

Ummm I am dying over these lace up wedges (above) and the gawgeous pink babies below.


I absolutely love shoes and Jeffrey Campbell always provides me with great porn material to fantasize over. I also totally dig that Uptown girls are kickin Downtown girls asses on this one! 😉

Loving it?

See More Photos HERE



  1. Nina says

    There awsomeee. They remind me of the spice girls with the big ass shoes lol. ❤ it

    • I’ve also noticed that style coming back. I think it started with the McQueen shoes. I’m all for the big, chunky shoes because I can’t seem to walk in stilettos lol.

      And yes, beautiful shoes like these make budgeting really, really hard. XP

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