B.A.D. Girl
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Consistency Kills Competition

Be (B)eautiful: You take good care of your mind and body when you are young and it will repay you as you get older. SPF to protect your pretty face now means less wrinkles, sun spots and marks later. Trust.

Be (A)uthentic:  No one likes a flake who says one thing and does another. So stand behind your decisions, actions, and words. This is HUGE and not many people are consistent when it comes to being real.

Be (D)etermined: Make it a priority to always finish what you start. It could be something small like finishing the novel you started reading, or something more long term like keeping up with your healthier eating habits. If you started towards a goal keep working until its a reality. Its just that simple.




  1. Nicky says

    If more people were consistent they would be unstoppable and there would be less bull shit going on because we would know whatt to expect from people.

    Great post!

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