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Mixing Prints Doesn’t Have To Be Scary


This whole mixing prints trend can be fun or it can be a complete hot mess depending on how you attempt to pull it off. I decided to pair leopard print and stripes.

Okay, so I didn’t exactly mix my outfit, but I added the leopard print headband for the same effect. That is why I love accessories because they can allow you to be trendy without too much risk of looking crazy.  

Three Tips for Mixing Prints:

1. Try and match the base colors of your pieces- keep them in the same family.

2. Leopard print is a great neutral that can be paired with most prints, especially polka dots and stripes.

3. Buy printed accessories to pair with your outfit:  leopard print sandals, a polka dot scarf, a striped purse, etc.

Are you mixing it up?!


  1. Michelle says

    Great idea! I didn’t think to implement mixing prints with accessories. You look great!

  2. Nina says

    That looks super cute. But idk about homegirl on top she’s looking a little crazy lol. I like the concept, I’m gonna try it.

  3. i love mixing it up, and i do it often. a lot of times if i feel like it’s too much clash going on, i throw on a jacket and it kinda tones it down. i like your mixing here…subtle but still very fabulous!

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