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Have you missed out an opportunity?

Be (B)eautiful: You can never predict when your next opportunity for something great will come knocking. This is why a B.A.D girls is always prepared with positivity, a killer outfit and a biz card!

Be (A)uthentic: You know that gut feeling you get in the pit of your stomach?  Someone once told me that “gut” stands for “God Ushering Truth” and it has stuck with me ever since. I can’t think of a time that my gut feeling has ever been wrong about something or someone. Can you?

Be (D)etermined: If you could pile up all of your missed opportunities into one room and come face to face with them would you be happy with the way your life turned out?

Are you taking full advantage of all opportunities given to you??


  1. It’s like they say in the Alchemist Novel, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it…” So sometimes that gut reaction is the Universe telling you, “Now is the time. All your starts have lined up.” The problem is sometimes we’re too busy (or think we are) so we put it off and tell the Universe later and later, or worse, we ignore it all together.

    I would hate to put all my missed opportunities in one room. I know I’ve missed some big ones but you also can’t live your life while holding onto these – it makes it hard to move forward and embrace new opportunities.

    • I totally agree! Its important not to dwell on things from your past but I think its also important to think about an opportunity and see how you would feel if you passed up on it.

      Thanks for such a great comment Isbael!!

  2. This a great post and I completely agree with Isabel! I am a witness that when you make your mind up to do something or achieve something, a way is made out of no way. All things (even the bad situations) work together for your good!

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