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A Girl Can Never Have Enough

I don’t know about you, but I can never have enough accessories! I can spend forever just browsing through the jewelry departments of some of my favorite shops for dope ass accessories.

BCBG $25

You seriously cant tell me nothin’ when I am rockin’ this bracelet.

Not only does it make me feel like a BAWSE, but it also helps to serve as a reminder of the goals I have for myself.

Forever 21 $6.80

Critters are a huge trend in accessories whether it be in hats, socks or jewelry. I am obsessed with this guy. I named him Bamboo.

Forever 21 $4.80

I’ve mentioned before how big feathers are right now. I love how these earrings have the hanging tusks!

Candies $14

I just copped these and already want to wear them like everyday. OBSESSED.


Nothing says B.A.D ass more than a fist full of metal. This 2 finger ring may say “love”, but I think it looks pretty meeaannnn.

What are some your current accessory obsessions?!


  1. Nina says

    I am an accessory whoreee. I’d rather have more accessories than shoes or anything else!

    I want those cross earings. Hawtness

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