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I Want Brows Like Kim Kardashian

@KimKardashianLate night eyebrows by Anastasia! Check out her light mouthpiece to get a close up of my brows! LOL” via Twitter

My eyebrows have always been something I didnt pay much attention to. I didnt start waxing them until I was around 20 years old.  Shocking, I know!

But it wasnt until my birthday last year that I realized the importance of shaping and coloring in your brows and ever since I started I haven’t been able to stop.

So when a rep from Anastasia of Beverly Hills asked me to try out one of her brow kits I jumped at the opportunity to try a new product!

Beauty Express

I cant wait to try it out and I will be sure to post a full review to share with my fellow BAD Girls!

Have you tried Anastasia of BH?

Do you have a brow product you swear by? 


More info on Anastasia of Beverly Hills


  1. Brows are soo important! they really define your face! I love KK brows! 🙂

  2. Benefit speed brow is a MUST for me! My brows like to fly all over the place and speed brow keeps them laid all day! GOTTA HAVE IT!!!

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