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JC Girl Swag

Maxi Skirt + retro inspired blouse + Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s = JC Girl Swag

I decided to play dress up to make my hump day a bit more enjoyable and give me a boost to make it through the rest of my hectic work week.  I felt very 70’s inspired with this outfit. All I’m missing is a big ‘ol floppy hat, right?

What do you think?

Hope you are all having a great week! Let’s finish up strong!



  1. Where’s the fully body shot? Lmao how did you wear those in the city? I don’t know how bloggers do it… but love the outfit!

  2. I really like that. Idk if I’d be able to pull that off but it looks super cute wit you. I want a pair of those shoes (suprisingly very comfortable)

  3. love the bright colors! the polks dots are fab and really adoring your lita’s!!!

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