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5 Things You Should Not Stop Doing

1. Going out with your friends. It’s so important not to lose yourself in your relationship. Make sure you both are spending time apart and enjoying time with your respective crews.

2. Don’t stop laughing at his jokes. This shouldn’t be hard to do. If you were faking it just to make him happy in the beginning  than you better keep up the act!

3. Keep your personal issues between the two of you. Its best to wait until you are both back home to talk to him about how he kept cutting you off at dinner.

4. Oral. It must be done whether you love it or hate it. And if you hate it well than you better get to loving it and make sure he returns the favor of course.

5. Boosting his Ego. Some girl just checked him out? Tell him about it.  He’s gotta know he’s still got it after being wifed up for so long.



  1. LMAO #4 – *sigh* sad but true hehe but great list!

    P.S. Feel like I haven’t talked to you in forever! We must catch up 🙂

  2. i especially agree with not losing yourself. it’s important to have separate lives and hobbies but also appreciate and enjoy doing things together. though i have to admit since being married i’ve stopped hanging out with any guy friends alone. but now i really do spend a lot of fun nights out with the girls!!!

  3. #4 – LOL but it’s so true ~

    #5 is something I always do because my Alex never notices when other girls check her out. She does however keep an (angry) eye out for guys who check me out.

    Relationships are all about giving and receiving, back and forth, trying to keep it as 50/50 as possible.

    Great tips!

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