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Be a Better Young Professional

1.  Remove the “sent via blackberry” signature on your phone. It is so unprofessional. Go to the email settings on your phone and delete this text replacing it with your full name or a more appropriate signature.

2.  Make it a habit to start including the name of the person you are directing your greeting to. For example: ” Good Morning Nicole” sounds way better than just saying a general “Good Morning”. The moment you include someones name you add a personal touch that makes it feel more real. Try it.

3.  Okay so you are not having a great day, it happens to the best of us, but its the best of us who know better than to bring that shit to the work place. Put on a killer outfit, top it off with a smile and leave the attitude at home.


  1. I know I have def caught myself being grouchy at work, but it’s def something we should not be doing!

    Thanks for commenting kimberlee!

  2. good call, being personal is always an important touch. and it does help to get dressed when you don’t feel well.


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