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Versace x H&M Collection: Top 10 Must Have Pieces

The countdown for the release of the Versace for H&M collection is on and poppin! November 17th is the date and I am anxiously awaiting and hoping that I can get my hands on a leather jacket. Its the number one item on my hit list. I would also love to cop some of the accessories like the mens skull cap Β and the necklace, but accessories are always the first things to blow out!

I would so rock the men’s sneaker too!

Do you like any of the pieces in the collection? Will you be braving the masses all in the name of fashion?

Peep the full collection HERE.

Images courtesy of H&M


  1. I’m getting a “This is Sparta!” vibe from this collection πŸ˜› especially the skirt (#4) and the sword and shield necklace (#7) which just happen to be my favorite pieces.

  2. C.Caps says

    This line looks amazing..too bad it will all be gone before i have a chance to buy anything

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