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Photo Diary: Watch The Throne


I went to see Jay-Z and Kanye on saturday night after my visit to the Ouidad salon in Manhattan. My curls came out pretty poppin, which they haven’t been in a LONG time. My hair so curly, that shit cray! (Ill be posting a full review on Ouidad soon!)

The concert was so dope! Jay-Z  is still the man and Kanye was the man…in a skirt! He def had on a leather skirt over leather leggings. Peep the last pic and tell me what you see??

They did all their hits off the new album Watch the Thrown and of course individual sets too. They made sure to leave us all wishing we were in Paris, ballin so hard…

Anyone else seen the show? Or going to be seeing it?



  1. Denise M. says

    You look AMAZING! I am definitely loving the curls.

    You are getting me so hyped for the concert, AHHHHHH! I can’t wait.

  2. Gwennie says

    I love the boots but the tights are HOT!!!! Super cute!! I’m feelin’ your curls too 🙂

  3. That is not a very flattering pic of your bf :p “What she order? Fish fillet!” lmao so jealous you got to go – love the curls!

  4. i’m loving those animal print tights! i love how you wore socks over them! i gotta try that look for sure. you look great!

  5. Liking the outfit – feels like the right mix of urban and old-school rock.

    And while I respect Kanye for pushing gender boundaries, I don’t think it’s made ripples in men’s fashion. I wish it would but the skirt might fade into a “thing” he did for promotion… We’ll see.

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