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Fall Fashion Inspiration




1. Metal Jewelry is all I’ve been rockin lately.

2. Arms full of bracelets, mix and match, go crazy!

3. Leather Sleeves on Jackets & Blazers- HOT!

4. Slouchy Winter hats and faux fur!

5. Sequins during the day. Def a BAD girl trend!

6. Leather paired with cozy sweaters.

7. Skulls on accessories. Obsessed.

8. Studded Boots. TOUGHNESS.

What is currently inspiring your fall wardrobe?

*images are not my own


  1. The leather skirt with a slit, soooo hot. I want one of those soo badly now. & love the layers of cuffs & bracelets in picture number 2 🙂

  2. Wow can’t over how skinny the Olsen (don’t know which one) legs are!

    But yes – love stud details and I’m all over the army candy trend hehe

  3. Gwennie says

    So luv’n the arm full of bracelets. Gota outfit that would go perfect with that 🙂

  4. i’m really into faux fur right now too. mostly vests and i just bought a cute sequin beanie that i’ll be rockin’. animal print is still a fave of mine too. there’s just so much fun stuff out this fall!!!


  5. Loving the pic with the arm candy. I think it’s a bit much for real life, but it for sure makes a great photo.

    Unfortunately, I’m not feeling inspired by much this fall. I guess you can say I’m in a fashion funk 😦

  6. TiffyCee says

    this fall is alll about lookin fierce but not trying! i like the bigger styles (ie shirts..pants.. etc) and the bracelets !!


  7. “Arms full of bracelets, mix and match, go crazy!” << Will do! XP It's a great look but I've heard people say it's too busy – just like people once said sequins were only for nighttime. It's fun to watch attitudes and styles change.

    I've also been noticing a rise in leather details… XD

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