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Sock It To Me

My New Sam Edelman Lace Up Boots

I am not sure when the obsession started exactly, but I have gone sock crazy. I want everything from thigh highs to crew socks! Actually, I take that back! I have always been into socks, but now I want to take my socks out from hiding and show them to the world.

Tights & Thing Highs from Urban Outfitters

My favorite looks have to be slouchy socks paired with boots and knee/thigh highs over tights.  Obsessed.

I made my weekly visit to TJ Maxx  on Sunday and stocked up on some cute ass crew socks!

Crew socks are the easiest to wear, just throw them on with a pair of boots or even heels if you’re real bold!

What are you sockin under your shoes??! Yea, I just made up my own word, and its sockin, not rockin. 😉

*images via WEHEARTIT


  1. Gwennie says

    I have to agree with what you said about the “slouchy socks paired with boots and knee/thigh highs over tights”. So cute!!!!!!! I have gone tight happy and wear them with everything!!!!!! Talk about being a fashionista lol.

  2. I’m loving this look too but it was hard to do before the temperature recently dropped here in Texas. I’m just waiting for my new combat boots to arrive. ETA: 5 days ~ I’ll probably wear those out!

    I’m thinking about pairing stripped socks with shocking pink tights first XD I have similar leopard print socks but I really like your Urban Outfitters combo

  3. Kaileen Lydia says

    I love getting my tights from tjmaxx and recently i’ve been wanting to get new socks so now i know where to go 🙂

  4. great socks! i love socks too. i love all the sock inspiration because i never know exactly how to wear them with shorter booties!

  5. They are another layer to keep warm in the fall so why not get cute ones?! hehe maybe your sock obsession with transcend fall and you’ll wear socks with heels in the spring 🙂

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