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{Motivated Monday} Achieve Your Goals Before 2012 Gets Here!

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, but don’t stress you still have time to cross off some of the goals on your list. 

1. Keep it small or get an early start on something big right now!

Set out to cross off some of those smaller items on your list, like sorting thru your closet and donating old items or finally learning how to make a cheesecake. 

This is also a good time to get a head start on some of your goals you have set for next year. The early bird catches the worm, right?

2. Tell someone about your goal.

Saying your goal out loud helps bring it to life and make it feel more tangible. 

3. Goals can be fun! 

What about that goal to go out and volunteer or spend more time hanging with your old friends? Get on it! 

Most importantly continue to stay positive regardless of what you may have or have not achieved this year. Dont be too hard on yourself, just work smarter this time!

How did your goal setting turn out for 2011?


  1. Not too great. But a fresh start is always good. Love when the new year comes around. Motivates you to have a better year.

  2. My goal is to exercise more – there I told you now it’s your responsibility to make it happen! Hehe I definitely think small goals are best because I’ve been planning on going fully vegan for years and waking up at 6am to do a jog for years… nothing has happened. Maybe need to try “Yoga on Wednesdays” and see if I can do just one day :p

  3. Thanks for the comments loves! I cant believe so many of you dont set goals! But i guess as long as you are making it work for you then great!! Xxoo

  4. it’s totally important to set goals year-round! so much pressure doing it at new years or a birthday. thanks for the reminder and encouragement!!!


  5. You said it right stay positive regardless of how the year went! The most important thing is we are alive


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