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Let’s Drink to That!

With a new year right around the corner its important to take the time to reflect on the past year and how you would like the new year to be different or better.  However, lets be real this is also a time to party and celebrate the year we had, right?


Let’s celebrate our lives!


I am also a big fan of getting ridiculously dressed up to ring in the new year even if you will be sitting on your couch when the ball drops. You lived thru this past year and you deserve to be fucking fabulous to celebrate that!


The smokey eye is a NYE staple for most gals, but I think I want to try this brown/gold eye this year!


Promise yourself that you will be better and BADder this year. You are going to make moves!


Most importantly express your gratitude for EVERYTHING that has happened this past year.

Take the negatives and turn them into positives.

Laugh at your mistakes.

Celebrate your accomplishments.

Enjoy being Beautiful you!

Thank you so much for all of your support over this past year. I appreicate you all and wish you a BAD ass 2012!

Ill drink to that!

*none of the images above are my own*

images via WE HEART IT


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