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BAD Girl Love Lessons

Relationships are tough and I am constantly learning about myself and about dealing with others. Here are 3 lessons I learned in 2011 that I want to learn from and work on in 2012.

1.  Complain Less

I catch myself being a bit more annoying than I would like and luckily I am women enough to notice and admit it.

2. Be Okay With Being Wrong

This is a tough one, especially for us B.A.D girls, right?! I am learning to accept when I am 100% wrong and just shut my mouth.

3. Live in the Present

I will be honest at times I have resorted to digging up past bull shit and bringing it to life again. Though I do not do it often I want to eliminate it completely. Holding on to negativity from the past only hinders future growth.

What are some love lessons you experienced this past year?


  1. silverlining09 says

    “it’s okay not to be okay” is a love lesson i learned from 2011. it was perfectly delivered in a song by jessie j.

  2. GwennieB says

    I’ve learned so many lessons from last year. One thing in particular is that one of the main reasons many of us are not moving forward is because we keep looking back. I am learning to accept things for what they are and keep looking forward to bigger and better things. Who cares is certain people are not in your inner circle…Those people didn’t make it with us in 2012 for a reason. So…peeps….don’t fret on past things. The future is bright and is full of better things. Let’s gravatite toward that!!!!!!!

  3. amber says

    Glad im not alone! I want to work on these things too! “Let it be” is definitely something I need to remind myself more often..
    Good luck to us bad girls!

  4. gwennieb28 says

    One thing that I learned is that it is very important to keep your personal business to yourself. The world doesn’t need to know what goes on between you and your spouse. Yes, it is ok to talk to someone for advice-but keep it to a minimal.

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