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B.A.D. Girl Tip: Just Say No!

It’s important to be there for the people you care about, but its even more important that you are there for you.

Being a people pleaser will only get you so far. If too much is on your plate or something makes you feel uncomfortable don’t feel guilty for saying “no” or an “I don’t think so”.

Are you comfortable being straight up and saying “NO”?


  1. it took me, but I learned that a sincere no is better than a false yes. I am comfortable with my decisions, and I love your tips, they give us even more strength to be a strong women!
    kisses and have a great weekend!!


  2. I used to say yes to everyone, but I have definitely said “no” more over the past few years – so much more comfortable doing so!

  3. i’m really good at telling people no. had to practice this on sunday in church of all places. i was being pressured to volunteer for something and i stood my ground and said no at least 4 times. finally they realized i was serious.

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