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B.A.D. Girl Tip: Look Out for Number 1 aka You

Taking care of you means that you are making sure all of your needs (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) are being met.  A lot of times your needs can be fulfilled by simply taking time for yourself.

Are you giving yourself enough alone time? 

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Thanks gals! 😉


  1. i love me time. i use to be my own best friend. i moved away from this when i got in a relationship, but i am slowly working on becoming my own best friend again…

  2. LOL you must be psychic… my best friend and I just had a LOOOONG “discussion” about this. I agree wholeheartedly – you have to put yourself and your needs first in order to be happy and get the most out of life. And that is NOT selfish. My opinion is that it’s self-love.

    She likes to put others needs and wants before hers, saying that it’s for the greater good… Even if there is no happiness or benefit for her at the end. :-/ I think this is a crazy way to live…

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