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What’s in your makeup bag?

Photo Taken w/ Instagram @StyleMeBAD

I love seeing what goodies my friends have in their cosmetic bags, don’t you?! There are so many great products out there and it’s impossible to try them all so recommendations are always helpful.

Here is a sneak peak into my every day makeup bag!

Click the links below to SHOP my Makeup bag! 

1. M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC37

Let me know if you have any questions! 
What is your favorite cosmetic you can’t live without right now?


  1. Gwennie says

    Unfortunalety, I am not a make-up wearer. All I carry with me is lip gloss…gota keep the lips on shine. I always said, tho, one day I am going to get all glammed up and have some make up applied to see how I would look.

  2. I like that MAC mascara but I still had mine from last year’s IFB hehe had to toss it. A lot of brushes. I use sponges 🙂

  3. That MAC mascara looks cute.
    The MAC brush you have is awesomee, works so good.
    Can’t live w.o oil blotting sheetss.

    one thing I HAVE to recommend is an eye lash curler by Sally Hansen called Sexy Lashes. Its amazing, sometimes I don’t even have to put mascara for my lashes to stay curled all day.

  4. vsdresscode says

    love the Mac foundation and base!!! their products are amazing! 🙂

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