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Target Shopping Haul

I made a quick stop at my local Target a few days ago and of course I ended up leaving with more than I planned for.

I mentioned these leopard print pants in my last post and I love anything Hello Kitty + NEON! 

Socks are also one of my obsessions as I mentioned HERE. How cute are these neon babies? 

I have a major weakness for sunglasses and I like to buy cheap ones to experiment with different styles before I invest in a good pair. 

I would have never thought round frames would look good on my face shape but these are mad cute! 

Picked up some new nail polish strips in the beauty section. Spring Fever & Lust-Rous. I love these things. Have you tried them yet?

Any fun new purchases?




  1. This post MAKES me want to go to Target soooo bad! Pay day is next week so I have to hold out at least till then!

  2. Target is always fun to go to, always find something good.
    Hello Kitty & NEON = ❤

  3. Do we have the same sunglasses? haha I have tortoise shell ones from Target too. That second Sally Hansen looks like Winter Funderland. I plan on making a trip to Target while my dad is in town this week – SO EXCITED!

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