B.A.D. Girl
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B.A.D. Girl Tip: Always Be In The Know

A B.A.D. Girl should always be in the know about:

1. You and Your Life (Be the Owner & Director of your Story)

2. Your Health (Get tested!)

3. Your Business (School/Work)

4. Your Money (Have your finances in order)

5. Your Significant Other (Keep ’em in Check!)

Thoughts? Share with me!




  1. Can the choir just sing “aaaaaameeeeeeennnnn”! and amen! Great advice and I really needed the reminder tonight.

  2. i’ll add that a B.A.D Girl should value her friendships, through the years I’ve had a lo of girlfriends and often a lot of them make the mistake of not cherishing their friendships, not respecting or appreciating them and then expect the friendship to last- often it doesn’t. Like a plant, friendship needst to be tended to or else it dies. A B.A.D girl knows this.

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