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Zara Helps Me Work It

Zara makes getting dressed for work oh so exciting! I always find the best pieces like this embellished collar blouse.

There is nothing I love more than details. The leather trim on my slacks (also from Zara) make me way too happy.

This yellow croco leather Lodis bag was a TJ Maxx find for the win. 

Luuurrvveee these nail polish strips that I bought at Target. They really catch your eye and look super metallic. The shade is Lust-Rous #470. 

If you haven’t checked out the Zara Spring Collection yet I highly recommend! I am obsessed with everything from the edgy pieces to the gorgeous pastel and neon colors to the structured pieces.

Do you shop at Zara? 

Where is your favorite place to shop for work clothes?



  1. Oooh is that the kind of collar you were talking about? P.S. are the leather pants from H&M? I finally have a gift card and seriously need to get my ass there! Haha

  2. I think I literally drooled when I saw that awesome clutch!! I’ll trade you for something I have 🙂

  3. Don’t you think a lot more people would be happier with their jobs if they were allowed to do dressy-casual like you?

    I’ve seen those collars at H&M too but never in a style I like. I guess I’ll have to go to Zara … And your nails match your collar! LOL

    Do those pants really qualify as slacks? I’ve noticed more people are pushing the boundaries of what we called “careerwear”…. My mom is in upper management and she hates it but I not-so-secretly hope more jobs realize you don’t have to wear a three-piece suit to do your job.

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