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I challenge you to cross something off of your to do list this week. It could be anything from organizing your closet to hitting the gym 3 times this week. It’s the last Monday of the month and I want to motivate you to get things done. 

What is something you have been meaning to do or accomplish but haven’t yet? Do it today! 

Stating your goals helps motivate you to achieve them so share with me by commenting!

If you are on twitter use hash tag #LMM (last Monday of the month) to tweet your accomplishments! 

Let’s do THIS! 




  1. Nini says

    Love this! Im challenging myself to drink more water and get to bed sooner this week!

  2. I told myself I’d try to comment & visit blogs more often during the week instead of just weekends and well, here I am on yours! 😛

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