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Thank you! Thank you! Thank YOU to all of you amazing B.A.D. girls who support and follow the movement! I can not thank you enough! We made it to 2 years!! 

I am hosting 3 Giveaways to show my appreciation! 


1. Leave a comment on this post telling me something you love/hate/want to see more or less of on my blog. 

2. MUST be a follower of Style Me B.A.D via one of the below options.  Tell me in the comment how you are following. 

3. Make sure you leave your comment with an email that you would like me to contact you at should you win! 

Additional Entries:



Cheers to bigger and BADder!




  1. I would love to see how you mix up patterns. I have a lot of patterns in my closet and try to mix things up but never works out for me, I NEED SOME HELP, or assurance that im pulling it off 🙂

  2. julietopoku says

    Hey Nix!! As you know I fuh-reaking love your blog. I love, love everything but I really would love to see more “Couple of the Month” posts!! Your relationship tips are awesome and I love them, but reading about beautiful and healthy relationships and seeing what works for other couples is very stimulating and inspiring. Btw I’m following you everywhere LOL. Congratulations again on making it two years! It is very inspiring! 🙂

  3. amber says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!
    What I love most is that you rep us BAD girls that are bad in the right way!

    I follow by- email, facebook, & bloglovin

    Goodluck everyone!

  4. Hey! Congrats on making 2 yrs! xoxoxoxo
    The thing I love most about your blog are the photos that you take of what you are wearing. My fave post was the bowtie post. I follow you on wordpress and now followed you on twitter. Good luck on your new company! AND finally you can email me at thefashionclones@gmail.com if I am winner 🙂 ❤

  5. OMG! Happy b-day to your blog. For 2 years you’ve been giving us great fashion and lifestyle tips. ❤

    What I'd love to see more of are actually your positive thinking tips. They really inspire me and give me a boost when I am feeling down.

    Of course, I also love your personal style posts, so i guess I would just like to see more, more, more 😛

    I follow you on here, Bloglovin & Twitter 🙂 🙂
    Oh do follow me on Twitter as well? xx

  6. Nina says

    Love u and I love your blog. Haven’t missed reading a post since. Can’t wait for your t shirts!!

  7. Marcela says

    I absolutely love the blog. I enjoy the diversity of topics you touch on but mostly I love how you incorporate fashion in several of your posts.

    I’m following your blog on twitter and recently started following your brand as well.

    Wish you many more years on your blog!


  8. I am new to your blog but cant wait to see your fashion photos! Thanks for the chance.

    alholm.co atgmail dot com

  9. I am new to your blog but I cant wait to see your fashion photos.

    Thanks for the chance.

    alholm.co at gmail dot com

  10. Miss Liz :) says

    Hi! Congrats on your 2 year Blogaversary! I absolutely LOVE your posts on being a B.A.D. girl. The quotes and positive messages seriously get me through some tough days and are very inspiring. I also love your posts on love and relationships. 🙂 I miss True Love Tuesdays.

    I follow you on twitter, FB and I am an email subscriber. I don’t want to miss a beat.

    Don’t stop what your doing! <3<3

  11. eve says

    Congrats on your 2 year anniversary!! I love to see the growth in your style on stylemebad, you bloomed into one of the most stylish people I know and the pics on the blog are a great photo diary. Since I don’t really read fashion magazines I love to see what the new trends are on stylemebad keep it coming!! And about the give away pick me pick me eolivieri119@gmail.com

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  13. Jessica Giler says

    Happy 2nd Birthday SMB! I absolutely love reading your blog and love that the posts are so diverse-everything from love yourself posts, to fashion advice, and not to mention great pictures! I LOVE that everytime you write a new post I get it straight to my Twitter timeline-gives me a little slice of happy when I’m skimming through my timeline and theres stuff I actually want to click on and read. I would LOVE to see more because I just can’t get enough! 🙂 Congrats on your 2nd birthday and many more,
    Xo Jess

  14. My fab blog ever!! Honestly I’m so proud of SMB!! I have def watched this blog morph and take off into this ass kicking.. Motivational .. Get-me-thru-my-days piece.. I honestly would love to see more give aways and more BADgirl of the month( like one every month). Your amazing. Love u and keep up the good work kidd!!

  15. Lindsey Darwish says

    Nikki! I love that your blog is a combination of fashion advice, beauty tips, and methods for living a happier, more fulfilling life. Style Me Bad is great because its not just about your outer style, but your inner style. Happy Birthday SMB 😉
    I am an email subscriber ldarwish01@gmail.com

  16. Emily says

    Happy birthday to your blog babygirl!! I love reading all of your posts! Whether you are giving fashion advice, hair tips, posting really cool photos, or just giving out advice about things you’ve learned along the way. I will continue reading your blog and am so proud of you!! My stylish little lady ❤

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