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Trying To Go Pantless With Help From Zara

I have a confession. I like to wear the pants in everything I do and wear. I do not own a lot of dresses or skirts and I am trying to change that!

Here is my first attempt with this pretty daisy print dress from ZARA. 

I paired the Zara dress with my new Rachel Roy flats and a silk blazer from ASOS. 

So tell me do you find yourself rockin’ pants or skirts/dresses more?

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  1. Nina says

    I love the dress and blazer.
    I never go pantsless. That’s gonna be my goal for the summer.

  2. YES! The shades! You are totally rocking them.

    I love the whole outfit and I must say, I find myself wearing a good dose of both 🙂 xx

  3. I enjoy dresses over bare legs the best. There’s a certain amount of freedom. Also, it’s easier to find dresses that fit as opposed to the perfect pair of pants.

    Your blazer, btw, makes the outfit look so business-y 🙂

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