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B.A.D. Girl Tip: Always Be a Better YOU

Purposely trying to be better or outdo others is not a BAD girl move. Its actually a sign of being insecure and that we are NOT, right?! So use others successes as motivators and nothing more.  We all have our own unique destiny and as long as we work towards our goals we will achieve them. 🙂

Tell me what motivates you?

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  1. There is no point to feel an obligation to prove something to someone. As long as you are true to youself – it’s all that matters! I agree about using successes like motivators, I always do that 🙂 xx

  2. What motivates me is the feeling of each day getting better and feeling more mature.Because what matters is not what others think, but what we feel. Love Girl B.A.D tips are so wonderful. kisses dear, Vv Becker http://maniadeguria.com

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