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TLT: 3 Things About Men

1. Men are simple beings.  Men tend to be logical thinkers and they keep their emotions out of it. Emotions are what make things complicated.

2. Men don’t change and us nagging them to do so only makes things worse. Yes, people grow and mature, but the foundation and personality that they developed will not waiver. 

3. In order for a guy to commit you need to make it a requirement for him or it won’t happen.

What do you think of these “facts” about men? Truth?


  1. Gwennie says

    I would have to agree here. Except for #3…I believe men have a problem with commitment. They want variety and for those who found a man who could…kudos to you. I have yet to see this in a man but when I do Ill let you!

    • I think if a man isnt committing he either doesnt see u as the one, he has his own personal issues and fears of committment or you havent made it a requirement for him to commit OR he is just a hoe and shouldnt be taken seriously! LOL

      Thanks for the great comments gwennie! ❤

      • Gwennie says

        Yea I agree that it is merely fear in commitment. I think men think that when and if they commit they believe they are missing out on all the action. They want to keep up with the jonses when that is not what it is.

  2. Miss Liz :) says

    #2: My bf always tells me: “you knew who I was when we first met”

    I believe that in a relationship the goal should not be to “train” the man or try to change him into what you want him to be. He is who he is. You either accept him, or move on! Same goes for men trying to change women.

    • Gwennie says

      You could not be more right. Thats a no-no in a relationship0–you cannot change who a person is. You either have to adapt or keep it moving!!!

  3. I agree with #2, but as for the others I think it depends on the individual. Some men can be very emotional and some men will commit if they really want it!

  4. men are definitely more logical and us women are very emotional. and honestly i think it’s hard for any of us, men and women, to change after a certain age. it seems like it takes something HUGE to make us even consider change. but it is possible, just difficult. and i do feel like men can commit. probably because i’m old and married and i know my husband and we are very committed to each other 🙂 i think when the time is right and the person is right, some men can commit.

  5. So so true. In fact, we have a lot to learn from men – I know I have. I tend to notice my girlfriends over-analysing their bfs behaviour while the simple truth is that men go with the flow 🙂 Life’s good when you’re not over-thinking everything and enjoy the simple things in life!

    Go Bad girls! 🙂

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