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Couple of The Month: Edita & Ahmed

SMB:  Firstly, tell us how you two met each other. 

We both were on vacation back in 2004 at a resort in Egypt. He was there with friends for his uni break  and I was with my mum who  decided it was ok if I skipped school for a week in the horrid month of February.  It was in the hotel lobby where we first met each other. He made the first move to talk to me.  Can I just call out that it was right after the beach with sand in my hair and completely make-up-less! 

SMB: Tell us about your first date! 

E: It was out of this world! As soon as we met, it felt like we knew each other all along. We were talking so much and just discovering how many things we had in common. 

SMB: Where did you go or what did you do on the date? 

We literally went for a walk around the whole resort  where we were vacationing. We walked for miles, talked and laughed like crazy. That WAS the first date. It was the best one ever and cost nothing!

SMB: What was it that made you fall in love? 

E: I fell in love with Ahmed because he showed me that he loved me for who I am.  He has always been honest with me. Plus, he has the cutest curls in his hair and the longest lashes ever!

A: Simply, Edita has always been honest, helpful and supportive.  I knew she loved me from her heart. There are also reasons that I just cant put into words- a special feeling comes over me when I am with her. 

SMB: How do you guys handle arguments?

E:  The key to making things work is respect, tolerance and compromise. It may sound old-fashioned, but it works! Because we are both are ambitious and might have different opinions about various subjects, sometimes we decide to agree to disagree without feeling bitter.

SMB: People who know you guys would say… 

E: That they wish their relationship was like ours 🙂

SMB: How do you keep your relationship going strong?

By doing sweet little things that we both adore, like surprising each other with gummy bears, talking in funny accents,  dancing like crazy at the most inappropriate moments and by helping each other from the depth of our hearts.

SMB: Give us ONE piece of advice for couples just starting out? 

E: I keep underlining this especially to my gfs: go with the flow, enjoy your relationship and DO NOT overthink it especially when a relationship is in its infancy. Girls seem to think, think, think and end up missing out on all the fun of fresh dating. As soon as your feelings start to grow and everything becomes more serious, then it is time to get those brain cells working. But it is just so important to enjoyeach other’s company, be playful and give each other space in the first days of the relationship.

Excellent advice Edita! Doesn’t it seem like fate how they met?!

Best of luck to this awesome power couple! 

xx – Nicole 

P.S. Edita is a blogger too so go peep her site!


  1. Nicky says

    Wow! What are the chances of meeting someone in Egypt! What a cute couple. Best of luck and great advice. Im going to need her beach hair secrets for my next vacation!

  2. awwwwww shucks, Nicole! What a great article, thanks for having us featured 🙂

    @Nicky – beach hair secrets? I actually do have one, lol! I have dead-straight hair which I pull in a bun overnight. When I let it loose in the morning I get beachy volumous waves 😉

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