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B.A.D. Girl Tip: Keep Your Energy UP

 Thoughts are waves of energy that when consistently repeated will create a physical form. So remember if you want to achieve success,  wealth, prosperity or love; keep your thoughts, words, and energy on those things. And keep them POSITIVE even if reality may be telling you otherwise.

Wishing you all a KICK ASS Week!




  1. vsdresscode says

    thats soooo true! every emotion you put out there attracts similar ones!

  2. The positive thoughts attract positive aspects of our life, the opposite is also true. I believe it, especially because I follow the teachings of Kardec, and there are several dogmas that teach us that everything we do return, and that we must take care with what we think because we attract into our lives what we vibrate. As in “Secret.” It is very important to be good about ourselves and think about good things to result in anything good! Kisses dear. http://maniadeguria.com.br

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