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10 Things You Must Do Before Summer Is Over

Summer is in full swing and it will slip on right by you if you let it! Here is a list (in no particular order) of a few things you just have to do before fall gets here.

1. Rock a pair of denim cut-off shorts. Preferably with studs! Cute ones HERE, HERE & HERE!

2. Lock lips with someone NEW – Single gals only 😉

3. Wear a fedora or floppy hat and act like J.LO for the day. Peep HERE, HERE & HERE!

4. Have yourself a “Coco Nikki“- It’s my signature drink! Take your favorite Sangria add in coconut rum and a splash of cranberry juice. Serve chilled and get right! Thank me later!

5. Visit somewhere new; even if its just a nearby town or city you have never been to before.

6. Get sun burned (or a major tan) from being out doors ALL day (still use your SPF!)

7. Eat real BBQ made from someones grill in their backyard.

8. Go out, go hard and have the best. night. ever. at least ONCE.

9. Cross an item off your bucket list!

10. Call out of work on a gorgeous ass day and ENJOY IT!




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