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MAJOR Fashion Inspo via Little Alaia Rose

So I was reading thru blogs last night and stumbled upon photos of this tiny fashionista Alaia Rose, daughter of celebrity fashion stylist Monica Rose on Skinny Hipsters blog.

I immediately became obsessed, I mean, come on, how effing adorable is this little baby?!

Tell me you are not dying right now over how stylish she is! She rocks a hat like its nobody’s business!

And for my FAVORITE look: Alaia Rose rockin’ a leather jacket and biker boots!

Now I know her mom obviously styles her, but I like to think little Alaia puts her input in. Maybe she points to which pieces she wants to wear. I dunno, either way I am diggin’ it and want a baby to dress up.

Anyone out there want to lend me their child to style her b.a.d? 😉

Also, I have to stay Alaia def gave me major fashion inspo to experiment with different “looks”. This girl goes from boho to rocker to feminine and I want to start doing this more.

Thanks Monica Alaia!

All images via Monica Rose


  1. Aurys Guzman says

    OMG!!! too cute!!! You can have Addisyn, she loves clothes and loves dressing up!!! and she loves to put my heels on and walk around!!!!

  2. Nina says

    Soooo cute. I can see you having a little daughter fashionista like this too lol. My fav one is the one with the head wrap

  3. I think she’s adorableeeeeeee. She definitely has some an inner fashionista already bc it’s hard to find kids that will keep a hat or jacket on, so she definitely knows she’s rockin’ it. Baby Jada wasn’t having it when I put any hats on her lol.

  4. How beautiful! And those poses! She’s got style to spare! Lovely and beautiful! Im in love with her style!!! Kisses! http;//maniadeguria.com.br

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