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New Place with Old Friends

I crossed another item off my SUMMER MUST DO LIST over the weekend and visited some place new! I got together with a couple of my oldest amigas and we hit up this really cool sea food restaurant/beach party/chill spot called Pops Seafood Shack located at a Marina in Long Island, NY.

This place gets super packed especially on really nice days, but we got pretty lucky and didn’t have to wait too long to get our grub on. I had my girls try baked clams casino for the time and I think they liked it!

I ordered a crab cake BLT sandwich and it was pretty delish. My only complaint is there was too much bun. I eventually gave up and just starting chowing down on the actual crab cake sans the bun.

Andddd YES, that is guacamole on my crab cake sandwich! YUMO!

My friend got a sick new tat and was rockin’ her custom MyTee BAD arm swag I made her!

I kept it simple with ripped jeans, a super cute skull muscle tank and a leopard head wrap.

Cheers to a great day with great friends!

Have you visited anywhere new this summer? Or done any of the other items on my list?



More Info about POPS



  1. Love the headband! Looks like a cool place. I like how ripped jeans, a leopard scarf around your head and a skull tank is a “simple” look for you hehe

  2. That is a great place!! and the tattoo you designed is super cool on your friend’s arm!!! & love your hair band!!!

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