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B.A.D. Girl Tip: Stack It Like Its Hot!

I am all about having an arm fully stacked and layered with bracelets.  Here is a video where I discuss  some of my key styling tips for creating the perfect party… on your arm!

Tips for the Perfect Arm Party:

1. Invest in a good watch

2. Mix and Match

3. Add an unexpected or statement piece

4. Don’t think too much!

Let me know how you guys style your arm parties. What are your favorite types of bracelets to wear? 

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  1. UMMM HELLLO where did you get that badass earring/necklace combo? I’ve never seen something like that, have no idea what to call it haha

    Great tips but you need to speak up 🙂

  2. Girl – your collection of cuffs is amazeee 🙂

    And totally agree with the investment watch part. For a very long time I have been looking for the perfect man watch for women if that makes sense 😀 I am yet to locate the perfect one but Micheal Kors is popular here for those & I saw a pretty nifty Dior one as well 🙂

    Love your “don’t think too much” tip too :DD

    Rock on!

  3. good tips! i use to not mix metals but i’m no longer afraid and i do it all the time :):) one thing i need to do is get some quieter bracelets. my current arm party is too noisy for work 😦

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