B.A.D. Girl
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BAD Girl Tip: Ignore That B!TCH!

It’s human nature to fear the unknown, but its B.A.D Girl nature to learn to ignore it. Fear exists in the mind so you need to train yourself to 1. Recognize when you begin to doubt yourself because of fear and 2. Trick your mind into believing the opposite.

The second you notice fear taking over your mind tell yourself that YES, it CAN be done and that you WILL succeed or that you WILL  be better off by doing this over not doing it.

Fear is a hater and she likes to crush a lot…of dreams!  So lets come together B.A.D. Girls and put a stop to this lil bitch by taking control of our own thoughts and kicking  fear to the curb!

Hope you are all kicking major ass this week and REMEMBER




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