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BAD Girl Tip: Realize You Can’t Always Win

As B.A.D. Girls we always want to be right, but we have to drop our egos when we are in a relationship. When it comes time to resolve a dispute with your s/o look for a solution that will allow the relationship as a whole to move forward versus a solution that benefits one person over the other. It’s about the two of you as a couple. Period.

How do you resolve disputes with your s/o? 




  1. It’s all about communication. Where there is a breakdown in communication then that’s where issues arise. To me you can never talk enough, And keep the communication honest.

  2. You have nothing if you have no communication. Talk to each other, find out what each other is thinking and feeling. If it starts to get out of hand, walk away and cool off then come back and try to find common ground.

  3. Look, it’s super hard, but both know they have to take the plunge now and then.He is more mature than me, I recognize that, and that gives him more arm twisting, suddenly this helps a lot. We often have fights in which he pretends he is wrong for me to stop just because Leo and I am very proud. But I’m learning slowly too. We are in this life to mature and gain experience, does not it? Kisses! http://maniadeguria.com.br

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