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B.A.D. Girl Tip: Giving Up vs Trying Harder

This is something we  probably have learned the hard way at some point in our life and being the  DETERMINED women that we are it can be difficult for us to just  throw in the towel. We aren’t quitters, because quitters never win right?

Well, I strongly believe in NEVER saying never! It is majorly important for us to grow, understand and realize when we need to work harder for something or someone and when it is best for us to gracefully bow out.

When To Try Harder:

  • You haven’t actually “failed” yet
  • You haven’t given 120% of your efforts
  • Your heart tells you that you CAN
  • You believe in your idea

When To Move On:

  • Your efforts are not being appreciated
  • You are causing more harm than good
  • YOU are not happy

When do you think someone should move on or try harder at something?




  1. Great advice!

    I agree with you, if YOU aren’t happy and it’s legitimate unhappiness not just whining about the job then it’s time to move on.

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