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B.A.D. Girl Tip: Just DANCE!

So as  I was watching Grey’s Anatomy recently I fell in love with the idea of a ’30 second dance party’ to help you relax and de-stress.Music  can change your mood and I definitely use it as my own form of therapy.

So all you need for this party is (1.) a song you can dance to, (2) a space big enough for you to move freely in and (3.) yourself, but feel free to invite coworkers, friends or family to join you who also need a few seconds to let loose.

Put that song on (or you can just improvise) and start shaking what your momma gave ya for at least 30 seconds.

Here are some of my favorite 30 Second Dance Party tracks!

1. “Drop it Like Its Hot” By Snoop Dog makes me want to shake it like I am in the Sun Drop commercial

2. “Rollin” by Limp Bizkit is a good head banger that brings me back to my youth

3.  Scream by Michael and Janet Jackson is perfect for a stress relief dance off

OK OK so I know most people probably won’t be getting up from their desks and breaking into the running man anytime soon so my suggested tip is to create a 30 Second Dance Party Playlist that you can turn to when you desperately need that woo-sah moment.

So go on with yo bad self and scream if you have to while you shake it off, drop it like its hot and just keep on rollin’ baaabyyy.

How do you release stress? 



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  1. I loved the idea when I watched Grey’s, too! At work, I have to get up from my desk and walk around to relieve stress. After work, I have a big glass of Captain Morgan rum!

  2. Definitely a great idea – at one of my old workplaces, we would do a little karaoke moment when we put on some old 90s music & just enjoy a song or two 🙂

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