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B.A.D. Girl Tips for New Years Eve Success

NYE 2013

Three Tips to Help You Have a Kick Ass New Years Eve:

1. Dress to Kill & Pucker Up

Nothing puts me in a better mood than when I am in love with my outfit and NYE is the perfect time to get ridiculously dressed up. I am diggin’ these killer dresses here, here and here.

I also recommend wearing a bold lip especially if its something you don’t do often. My top picks for your pucker here, here and here.

2. Drink Like A Lady

I am all for a good time, but not about baby sitting or being the one people have to babysit. Its not cute. Ever. So if you’re going to drink peep the below tips.

  • Pop some B12 vitamins before you start your drinking (helps fight that nasty hungover feeling + gives you energy!)
  • Pick your poison of choice and stick to it for the night
  • Beer should be your final drink(s) (liquor before beer and you’re in the clear)

3. Ring it in with the Right People

Its ALL about the right crowd.  So welcome the new year with people that you would want to remain in your life for 2013 leaving those you would like to forget where they belong, in the past.

What are your plans for NYE?




  1. The people are the most important part of NYE next to making smart choices. Love this

    xo Ashley

  2. You nailed it to the tee !

    The b12 thing didn’t know.time for experiment lol.

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