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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him

valentines day gift guide for him

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the ladies; you can get your man a cool gift that says I dig you that wasn’t picked up at your local CVS or Walgreen’s. Cheesy stuffed animals and heart shaped candy boxes are so not cool once you graduate high school ever, so I put together a guide featuring  fun gifts for your main man.

1. Snap Neck Hoodie- Buy Here

2. You’re Kind of a Dick Gum- Buy Here

3. Burger Boxer Brief – Buy Here

4. Must Do Check List- Buy Here

5. Joy of the Quickie- Buy Here

6. Condoms Pocket Box – Buy Here

7. Fall in Love Gum- Buy Here

8. Bacon iPhone Case – Buy Here

9. Position Cards- Buy Here

What will you get your s/o for Valentines Day?



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  1. Ooh my 😉 I like the “Things to do to make me happy” but I’m sure guys don’t want to hear that on Valentine’s Day haha

  2. Ok so is it wrong if I want some of these things? Lol

    cool little things to give. I like

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