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Why It’s OK To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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I get that people feel like we shouldn’t have ONE day out of the year to to celebrate love in our life, but honestly its no different than celebrating a holiday like Thanksgiving where we take the time out to give thanks for what we have right, right?

5 Reasons it’s OK to Celebrate:

1.  It’s a holiday, which means we have a legit excuse to get out, have fun amd meet people!

2. Gift Giving helps spread cheer and positive energy.

3. You can use it as an excuse to treat YOURSELF.

4. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers; its also for family and friends.

5. B.A.D. Girls spread Love everyday and Feb 14th is no different, right?

In a fast paced crazy world I feel like Holidays gives us the opportunity to take time out and make an extra effort to show our appreciation for our vast blessings and good fortune EVEN IF we make an effort to do it on the daily.

Do you celebrate V-DAY?



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  1. For most men, it’s our most dreaded day. Simply because men are spontaneous with their affections, and to have a day where we have to perform can be a little much.

  2. Fuck Valentine’s Day! lmao just kidding… why I used to wear black on V-Day in high school (yes, I was that girl) I’ve turned my bitterness/resentment toward the holiday into celebrating with my single gals and loving myself. I often buy myself some chocolates and love the idea of celebrating love with those closest to me 🙂

  3. I agree! Valentine’s day is not just for lovers. It’s also for family and friends. I remember when we used to send candy grams in elementary school! Bring that back.

  4. Valentines does seem to get a lot of bad press – people either love it or hate it! But you make a very good point – it is just a day to be thankful and spread happy thoughts! x

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