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NCLA Nail Wraps Product Review


I was reallllyy excited to finally order these NCLA nails wraps (via Shop Jeen) since I have been eying them for a minute. Plus, I am a huge fan of designer Melody Eshani. Here is what I thought of ’em!


  • Awesome designs that are different than what is currently out there.
  • You can probably get at least 2-3 wears out of the set- comes with 2 full sheets
  • I got major compliments- even strangers stopped to ask about them!
  • They stayed put while washing my hair!
  • Taking them off was super easy; they literally peeled right off like stickers.


  • The nail wraps seemed to be designed for longer nails. I had a hard time getting the best part of each design to fit entirely on my nail so I had to cut the bottom part of each sticker to fit them properly.
  • The wraps don’t lay on to the nail as nicely as the real polish strips by Sally Hansen.
  • It took me a good 2 hours to do my nails with trying to cut, fit and shape them to my nail properly.

ncla nail wraps

Have you tried using any of the nail wrap/sticker/strip products out there? What do you think of them?

Buy the Melody Eshani x NCLA Nail Wraps ($16)  HERE




  1. 2 hours?! Damn… might as well paint them! You have long nails so if they don’t fit yours… I’m screwed. They look hot though :0

  2. Sylvia says

    I love these designs and I’m hesitate to order these Shop Ncla nail strips. I’ve tried the Essie ones and Salley Hansen ones. I’ve got to say that the Salley Hansen ones are theeeee best. I wash my hands a lot for work and they still stay on for a good 10 days. Do you think I’d get the same results for the Ncla brand?

    • Hi Sylvia! Ive used the sally hansen ones and they def are the best. The NCLA ones have cool designs, but fit weird on my nails. They did last a long time tho! But the main difference is these arent nail polish like the sally hansen ones. The NCLA ones are actual nail wraps or stickers so they dont set as nice as Sally. But def worth trying out for something fun! 🙂

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