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Coily Head Chicks Product Review

coilyheadchick product review

I was contacted by hair care company CoilyHeadChick to review some of the products from their line for curly-haired girls. Now, I don’t normally wear my hair curly because I find the maintenance to be too much with my hectic schedule. However, I do love trying out new products since my hair has changed as an adult.

Here are the three products I used on my hair:

1. Ultimate Hair Treat – A concentrated leave in moisturizer that can also be used daily.

2. Hair Perfection– A multipurpose styling gel

3. Hair Martini– A refresher hair spray for your curls.


  • All natural high quality ingredients
  • My hair was frizz free
  • Products did not make my curls feel hard and crunchy


  • I am sensitive to smells and the products left my hair smelling like baby powder, which I did not like.
  • Whenever I touched my hair I felt residue from the product on my hands – even after my hair dried completely.

I will definitely give CoilyHeadChick another try and I am thinking about mixing them up with some of my other curly hair products to see what kind of results I get.

Do you have curly hair?

What products do you use on your hair daily?

Visit the  CoilyHeadChick site for more info!

P.s. I am in desperate need of a hair cut and my curls are obviously feeling  the pain!




  1. Nina says

    id try it. i love when a product gives definition with out the scrunchy feel. plus i think the name is cute lol

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