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B.A.D. Girl Tip For Getting What You Want

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A lot of times we find ourselves getting discouraged from pursuing our dreams because we get caught up in thinking “HOW”  is what I want going to happen. We feel like things are impossible. I hate to break it to ya, but nothing is impossible! I have learned that it is in our best interest to focus solely on the end result. Learn to control your thoughts and  keep them  focused on the “What”  and in turn all of the “How’s” will be answered. All of the things, ideas, people, tools that you need will find their way into your life.

  • Focus on the WHAT; not the HOW.
  • Spend time everyday visualizing your desires (create a vision board if that helps).
  • Take inspired action and have unwavering faith that what you want CAN & WILL come true.

I firmly believe that we can have, achieve, and get everything that we want in life as long as we think and feel positive!

Share with me your success stories in the comments!

Be B.A.D!



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  1. I agree — sometimes thinking about the how leads to overthinking & discouragement. Definitely a great tip and reminder!

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