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B.A.D. Girl Style: Freak Out!

B.A.D. Girl Style What I Wore: Zara Tee, Free People Jeans, Dolce Vita Sandals, Michael Kors Watch, Nidia E Earrings  & Target belt

My awesome dad surprised me last week with tickets to see my FAVORITE comedian, Mr. Kevin James! I am obsessed with this man and I am not even joking. I would marry him if I could, but don’t tell the bf! I def freaked out when my dad told me I was going so I thought this shirt would be appropriate to wear! I wanted to be comfortable, but of course stylish in the event that I met the love of my life face to face!

B.A.D. Girl Style I went to the show with my sister and we had a great time (minus the $22 spent on 2 beers – outlandish!). I was literally jumping out of my seat waiting to see Kevin in person! I am obsessed with his humor so he of course had me dying during the show!

They prohibited the use of cameras in the theater, but I snuck mine in anyways (rules, what rules?!) and tried to snap a few pics of him. I only wish I got to meet him, but I know my day will come. It was still so awesome to see him live. Big thank you to my pops for hooking us up!

P.S. I started playing around with make up and face contouring and I am obsessed.  Blog post to follow for sure!

P.P.S. Happy Birthday DAD!!!

Who’s your favorite comedian?



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  1. lol glad you finally got to see your man 😉

    P.S. Is your watch a knock-off or did you misspell Michael Kors? lol

  2. Nina says

    Douuuug. We love you.

    Your makeup and hair did look really good!

  3. love how you styled earrings!!!!!!!! you looked awesome and thank you for including us in your Bad ass blog xo

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