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B.A.D. Girl Must Have For A Pretty Pucker

B.A.D. Girl Must Have Buying a new lip balm WITH an SPF has been on my shopping list for a hot minute and the other day I finally remembered to pick one up while I was in CVS.

I’ve heard great things about ‘Baby Lips’ by Maybelline and was excited to see they offered an option with  SPF 20! Score!

Baby lipsWhy You Need It:

  • SPF 20!! It is SO important to protect your lips from sun damage to keep your lips full and cancer free!
  • Perfect for everyday use and even better to wear under or over your lipstick
  • Keeps lips baby soft and moisturized for up to 8 hours
  • It costs $4 bucks and can easily be purchased at your local drugstore!!
  • Did I mention it has SPF in it???

Did you know the sun’s UV rays can impact the production of collagen in your lips, so overtime as you age your lips begin to thin out and wrinkle?!

What product do you use to protect your lips?

Buy Baby Lips Here.



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  1. I hate the name of this lip balm lol #feministrant

    P.S. I have a lip scrub I was going to give you whenever I see you 😉

    • ahhh I seriously just said I want to try a lip scrub the other day and put it on my list! You rock!!

  2. naz says

    i love love these i have every one out! and i buy them all the time, they are the best!

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