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Give Your Summer Wardrobe a Makeover

summer wardrobe post

Hey B.A.D. Girls! Can you believe summer is finally here?! If you’re looking to update your closet  and give your wardrobe a summer makeover, but aren’t sure where to start, take a look at my top tips for what to wear this season.


I know a lot of females who don’t wear shorts in the summer!  It’s time for you to kill those daunting thoughts and flash a little leg.  This summer, shorts for women are a big trend. From high-waisted tailored shorts to trendy city shorts, there will definitely be a style to suit you.


While there are those who forgo trousers altogether in the summer, sticking with shorts, skirts and dresses instead, there is usually one exception to this rule: chinos. Perfect for relaxing and looking stylish on cooler days or evenings, grab yourself a pair and embrace the summer vibes.


There is nothing more feminine than a gorgeous summer frock. Whether you’re being forced to sit in the office all day, hitting a music festival, wandering around town or heading on vacation, there are some great styles and designs for dresses this summer.


Love them or hate them, every girl should have at least one jumpsuit in their wardrobe for the summer. They’re absolutely perfect for casual get-together events– giving you cool comfort that doesn’t run the risk of exposing your modesty with each gust of summer wind.


Even though the weather is fine and you feel like hitting the beach, you probably have to go to work. If you’re struggling for what to wear to the office on a warm sunny day, consider a trendy blazer with cropped sleeves. You can quickly smarten up a summer dress or top by throwing on a trendy jacket and you don’t have to keep it on all day in the office.

What are you rockin’ this summer?



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  1. Nina says

    I like! I have to step out my comfort zone and start wearing shorts. That dress in the picture..obsessed.

  2. Nooo I’m so anti short shorts. There needs to be butt cheek coverage :p

    I like maxi dresses for these sweltering hot days

  3. I’ve always wanted a black maxi for the summer and I finally found one with perfect length! So I’m def going to be wearing it a lot lol

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