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B.A.D. Girl Tip: Learn to Take A Compliment


You ever give someone a compliment only for them to downplay whatever it is you are complimenting them about? This was something I used to do until I realized there is nothing wrong with accepting compliments. In fact it feels good to be complimented and when you reject it you come off as insecure. So accept it. Say Thank You. Smile. Don’t ever feel obligated to return a compliment either. Return the love only if you genuinely want to.

So far all of you reading this I would just like to tell you that “You look Beautiful today!”.



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  1. I love this. So many women don’t know how to accept a compliment in a graceful way and our first reaction is to downplay it. I love giving compliments more than I do receiving, we’ve got to learn to accept them! Thanks for this positive post!

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